Iteration Loop (dcu_loopMv.dll)

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Iteration Loop (dcu_loopMv.dll)

This routine will loop through a series of moves with continuous deviating action. The purpose is to replace or enhance the Iteration Move. When looping, the Iteration Move does not re-float any sub-moves that have an interference measure selected in the move options.


Within this Section:

Loop Move Float (dcsMvLoopFloat)

Group Loop Move (dcsMvLoopGroup)

Sub-moves Loop Move (dcsMvLoopSubMoves)


Note: These routines will re-float the Pattern Move.



hmtoggle_arrow1 Loop Move Float (dcsMvLoopFloat)


hmtoggle_arrow1 Group Loop Move (dcsMvLoopGroup)


hmtoggle_arrow1 Sub-moves Loop Move (dcsMvLoopSubMoves)